Definition – cutting down a tree to a low stump height.

Tree felling is the process of taking down a tree due to health, development requirement or permission granted by the local authority. The safe felling is essential in the process of cutting down the tree and Stara Tree Contractors are experts in this field. With over sixteen years felling trees  throughout the Yorkshire area the team understand how to safely take down, trim and dispose of any trees. We work with both residential and commercial clients and help them everyday with tree surgery requirements. Whether it’s a large woodland or a single tree we have the equipment needed to carry out safe services. Our team have been fully trained in the process of tree felling and will work with building contractors or any third part to help with the safe removal or woodlands. If you have a tree felling project then speak to the Stara Tree Contractors team today.


Definition – reducing the height and spread of the crown proportionately.

When a tree becomes to high and starts to cause problems such as blocking out sunlight or growing into its surroundings then you need a, ‘crown reduction’, this is the process of reducing the height of a tree, and re-shaping it to fit more appropriately into its surrounds. Whether you have multiple or a single tree Stara Tree Contractors can help you with crown reduction. We only use experienced, qualified and professional tree surgeons who understand how to carrying reductions whilst maintaining a healthy tree and the local environment. If you’re looking for crown reduction services in Yorkshire or any surrounding areas then the Stara Tree Contractors team are on-hand to help, simply call or email and we’ll be in-touch.


Definition -reducing the density of the crown by selectively removing internal growth but maintaining the original height and spread of the tree

When a tree becomes too densely covered and begins to block out light the Stara Tree Contractors team can carrying out crown thinning, this is the process of removing branches from the internal structure (crown) of the tree, this usually allows more light to penetrate through and can open a living space or commercial property to more light. For over fifteen years we have been carrying out crown thinning and helping people enjoy more light whilst maintaining a healthy tree and environment.  Experts in crown thinning in Yorkshire we work with both residential and commercial businesses everyday to manage their tree populations. If you need crown thinning services in Yorkshire then speak to the Stara Tree Contractors team, they’ll be able to help with advice and good practical consultation. Call or email today


Description – removing lower branches increasing the vertical height clearance beneath the trees canopy

When a tree becomes bottom heavy (this means the lower part becomes thick and unruly) you need to lift the ‘crown’ to help with access and the natural development of the tree as it ages. Stara Tree Contractors provide ‘crown lifting’ services throughout Yorkshire. Our team will assess how heavy the tree is at the lower parts and then remove the base elements to effectively raise the profile of the tree. With over 15 years experience providing both residential and commercial clients with crown lifting services we are the experts in the removal of lower branches. We understand that the removal needs to be carefully and thoughtful to the natural look and feel of the tree, this means we take a step back and shape it according to the surroundings and natural appearance of the trees in the area. If you’re looking for a crown lifting tree surgeon speak to the Stara Tree Contractors team


Description – decapitating a young tree of all the top, (usually at 2 -3m above ground level for cultural reasons) or leaving a framework of branches and cutting back the regrowth on a periodic cycle

Pollarding is a technique used by tree surgeons to take the stress off your tree.
​To pollard a tree means to remove the entire crown of the tree right down to the main fork of the trunk. If your tree has significant die back in the canopy, pollarding it would give the tree a good chance of survival as it will not have to pump water and nutrients into a canopy. This means that the roots are not working as hard and the tree itself is more relaxed. Call or email Stara Tree Contractors for all of your pollarding requirements

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